Tuesday, March 4, 2008

USA Today Article - Babies Can Cause "Momnesia"

There I was, innocently reading my morning papers, when I came across this headline from USA Today: Babies Can Cause "Momnesia". That was too good to pass up (I usually just read the Life Section).

Now, my son is 14 years old (15 this summer, actually!) so it's not like I am pregnant or have a newborn. Yet, I still feel like I am suffering from Momnesia. The article talks about how the experience and pain of childbirth seems to fade and the knowledge you learn to deal with your baby at particular stages of life "takes over" your brain and other things start to slide... like that milk belongs in a refrigerator, not a cupboard.

I personally have not done that, but I often find myself getting to the car, turning it on, going down the driveway, and then saying to myself - where am I going? I check to see if I have The Boy with me...if I don't, I am probably on my way to pick him up. If I do, I am probably on my way to take him somewhere. If I am in my pj's, I am on my way to take him to school. If I have "real" clothes on, I am on my way to karate (or possibly a friend's house).

I will also walk into a room with a purpose... just not one I remember. I will stand there... looking around, flailing about for a purpose... do I sit on the toilet now? or am I there to take a shower?

Of course, you could just put this down to getting older and more forgetful. Either way I.DO.NOT.LIKE.IT!!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Faith!

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I really don't know why I decided to start one. I used to write in a journal everyday and miss that so maybe that is why?! Anyway...this post kills me!!
" I'm Kim & I suffer from momnesia" LOL My lil boy is almost 3 and he's sucked the common sense, intelligence and mind right out of me. It's so funny talking to my friends about "mom brain drain".
Keep up the interesting posts. :)