Thursday, April 24, 2008

Tai Chi Toes

After posting a pic of Hubby's feet, I thought it would only be fair to put up a picture of my feet. I painted my toenails (very girly of me - very unlike me!) a pretty purple fuchsia color. Hubby inquired if I was starting a foot fetish site, and why did I paint my nails anyway? (Like I said - it's a girly thing to do, and I am not very girly that way!).

Truth is, summer is coming. I don't hide my feet in socks at Tai Chi after March - I get too hot with socks on while doing tai chi. So, I like to catch the occasional glimpse of pretty toes while I practice my forms.

Oddly enough, when I have my fingernails painted, it is almost too much to watch them - I get distracted if the color is too loud. But apparently the color further away from my face is fine... not too distracting from practicing.


rawbert said...

Cute feet!

rawbert said...

Isn't blogging suppose to be done more then once a month?