Saturday, May 17, 2008

A busy week

Well, it has been a busy week.

Hubby and I went to Boston on Sunday and stayed through Tuesday afternoon. He had a seminar to attend and I decided to tag along. The Boy stayed at home (with grandma & grandpa next door) - although he has been so busy that he was hardly home either.

It was a nice trip. I worked in the hotel room while he was at the seminar. I did take a walk around abit - found a computer store and looked at laptops for The Boy. I walked next to the Charles River. I forgot how windy and cold it gets around the river. I couldn't imagine being these ladies:

Our hotel was very nice...except we got the Steven King room:
Yes, we were in Room 1408. I have to say, it was much nicer than the one John Cusack was in - if for no other reason than it wasn't haunted or drive us insane.

When we got back on Tuesday night, we picked up The Boy at his play rehearsal. Wednesday and Thursday were pretty typical - except i was getting ready for our church's Trivia Night. I had to buy the soda and candy and get organized. I had to call my help to make sure they were still available and double check on those who had signed up. I was thinking we would have about a dozen groups playing; we ended up with seven.

I have mixed feelings about it - it is a lot of fun and really not that much work - but it doesn't seem to make alot. We only made about $220 for the Mission Fund at church. We do get a few groups from outside the church that come - so it's not just regular church members. Everyone has a good time, so i guess i should be happy with that and not worry about how much it did or did not make.

I have a few things exciting coming up for next week (I hope!).. so stay tuned!

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