Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Cow Alert!

Folks, we are operating under a Cow Alert today. Please check your surroundings for any wayward cows that might be about. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT allow your cattle dogs to roam free for long periods of time.

Seriously, this is the weirdest thing. Ok, maybe not the most weirdest, there might be other things that are weirder, but this was REALLY weird.

We came home last night about 9:30. It was dark (that is not the weird part - we expected that!). We drive down the driveway, and right about where we get to our lawn there is something in the middle of the driveway. Now, we have seen neighbor's dogs around, we have seen the occasional fox, and of course we have seen deer leap through the air and perform all sorts miracles while we desperately brake in order to not hit these hard hitting, window smashing, strong legged animals and end up either with a dead deer on our hood or a deer (dead or alive) through the windshield and in our lap.
But we have never, and I mean NEVER, seen a cow in our driveway, just standing there like it was supposed to be there. It was weird - it was freaky - it was bizarre.

Hubby went out to "catch" it. It had it's headgear on (I forget - is it a bridle? or a halter?) and I could see a piece of rope hanging off of it. I honestly can't remember if the cow ran or walked away - but suddenly it was not there. We pulled down to the end of the driveway - I now had The Boy's cell phone (I had turned mine off due to low battery) and was calling my mommy.

Now, that may sound sad and pathetic - girl sees cow in driveway, first instinct is to call her mommy. Let's put this in perspective. We live in a rural area. My family has ALWAYS lived in this town - for the past 200 YEARS. They helped build and shape this town. They owned lots of land (how do think I'm lucky enough to live behind my parents?) They were FARMERS. My parents were in the 4H. They actually ran a 4H club when my brothers were about 5 or 6 (I was about 1 or 2). So, in my mind, I am calling an EXPERT who just happens to be my mommy.

Plus, she lives behind me and we think the cow is headed her way. If I was her, I might want to know there was a WILD COW headed my way. But hey, that's just me.

So she starts asking me questions - what kind of cow? "A calf, really, not a full grown cow." What kind of cow - beef or dairy? "I didn't get to ask." What color was it? "White and red? Maybe white and brown." What - "hey, why do you think I'm calling you - I'm not a cowgirl! You're supposed to know what to do. The cow is headed into YOUR backyard."

So we hang up, go find a flashlight, ignore the barking dogs, and go into the field between our house and mom's house. We hear the cow as she meanders through the field. We see mom's flashlight for a bit and then she goes back into the house. When we get back in, The Boy says "Grandma called. She said to leave the cow alone and don't let the dogs run loose tonight."

So, we are on high cow alert in case she comes back. No Chewie the Australian Cattle dog is allowed to roam freely to herd up the scared cow. Today, anyway.

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